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  •  How would Jon Snow be used to it? (1+ / 0-)
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    1.  He's a virgin.
    2.  He's from south of the wall where people bathe more.
    3.  He's been walking around in frigid weather where nothing smells like anything but Too Cold.
    4.  Then he walks into this warm hot spring place where Ygritte takes off her clothes, that she's probably been wearing for months without washing them, and all the body odors would waft out.

    Knowing the future is easy: Today's trivia becomes tomorrow's sacrament, and vice-versa.

    by Troubadour on Mon May 06, 2013 at 08:58:55 PM PDT

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    •  Prior to the Environmental movement, (2+ / 0-)
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      lonemorriscodem, Seneca Doane

      All large cities stank like heck.

      Between 1900 and 1950, there were terrible smogs from
      Cars, Industry, water pollution,,,,

      If you want to see 1945 Glasgow, Cleveland, London, Stuttgart,  all you have to do is spend a month in Beijing,
      shenzen, jakarta, New Delhi,,,,,

      Between 1650 and 1900, all large cities smelled like horse crap.  With Horses a primary motive power source, the streets were littered in horse crap.  And until the sanitary water movement, most cities had open sewers with people chucking human waste otu windows.  

      Really, try imagining that set of smells.

      If you can't imagine, it take a trip through the slums of calcutta, manila, rio de janero, new delhi, heck try visiting a refugee camp in somalia, or syria, gaza,,,,

      Then, most people didn't bathe very often.  Rich folks bathed once a week, and you didn't launder clothes very often. There were no vacuum cleaners, there were no good scrubbing chemicals.  With fires the principal heating and cooking source, buildings stank of smoke.

      Then there was no refrigeration, so foods oftentimes were a little rotted, or soaked in vinegar, or salt to preserve them.
      so your taste buds and nose were used to rotting,foods or smells.

      So,  with that level of smell as background,
      can you really imagine, one womans crotch smells that bad?

      that's the that,

      Dude, i lived in Glasgow, cold, wet, damp, i couldn't imagine what it was like during the industrial age or pre car, pre rail until I went to india.  Just add those smells, and ive been in alleys where the trash smelled like ammonia so thick my eyes were tearing up.  

      I don't know where you've been or where you've travelled, but, visit the third world and the developing world.

      you will learn a lot.

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