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  •  "every time you bitch about how slow (3+ / 0-)

    George is  writing the next book, he kills off another Stark"

    Or something like that - I believe it was Neil Gaiman, or another fantasy writer friend of Martin's who said that a few years ago.  Also "George RR Martin is not your bitch."  That was Gaiman, I'm pretty sure.

    Seriously, I cannot imagine how oppressive it must be for any writer of an epic series like this to wake up every day and know that this "THING" is waiting for you to keep writing it, and the fans are breathing down your neck, and now, the TV production adds even more pressure.  I think of Conan Doyle trying to just kill off Sherlock Holmes because he couldn't stand it any more.  I salute Martin for sticking with it - it's his creative vision, he doesn't owe any of  us anything.  Of course I hope he finishes it - and hey, all you people implying he's a decrepit old guy, he's in his early  60's, for cripes' sake (as am I) so don't dig his grave just yet.

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