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View Diary: Delaware Could Beat Rhode Island to the Altar... And Other Factoids About Marriage Equality. Update. (11 comments)

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  •  thx for the factoids. will wait for 2pm Senate (5+ / 0-)

    session in Delaware.

    Marriage equality is slowing surrounding Pennsylvania - Maryland, New York, hopefully later today Delaware.  NJ legislature voted for it but GOP Gov Christie vetoed it.  [It looks like we may have to wait 5 more years for marriage equality in NJ, after Christie is out of office.]

    The PA state Senator championing marriage equality in PA (Sen Daylin Leach) is running for the soon to be open 13th Congressional seat to be vacated by Rep Allyson Schwartz due to her run for Governor in 2014.

    If I recall correctly when PA passed a statute (not a state constitutional amendment) several years ago stating that marriage in PA is only between a man and a woman only 4 of the 50 state senators voted NO - and one of those courageous 4 senators was one state Sen. Allyson Schwartz.  No doubt this will be used against her when she runs for Governor next year.  She can be a gutsy woman at times.

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