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View Diary: GMO Free Idaho Pulls Out of March Against Monsanto (59 comments)

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  •  The way science works (0+ / 0-)

    How can you claim to be such a lover of science and then hold fast at true to one notion?
    Here is how science works. Science changes with new information. This technology is new. It has only been in our food since 1996. There have been no long term human safety studies done. this is because the industries lobbying dollars successfully craft policies that eliminate requirements. It isn't conspiracy. It isn't loony. The FDA scientists did recommend further study but were over ruled by this policy.

    New information is showing there are all sorts of problems with GMOS not related to human safety. Do I think it is harmful to human health? I have no idea. Do I think people who buy the food should get to have the information? ABSOLUTELY.

    As these crops have continued to be planted, new problems have developed. Science is not absolute on the safety of GMOs. That is too broad. There are too many different aspects of GMOs. Here is some reading for you. If, as a lover of science, you are absorb new information.

    From Perdue University

    Washington State University

    Hillary Clinton’s Senior Advisory on Biotech concedes GMOs are riskier than other technology:

    Industry prevents research:

    You can credit something with your steadfast position, but please don't credit love of science. Science knows it can change with new information. That is what is so great about science. Especially clean, independent science.

    Do you grow GMO crops or work for the industry in some way? I am just curious.

    Do you think GMO foods should be labeled in the US like they are in 62 other countries including China, Syria and Saudi Arabia? Or do you think Americans should just let corporations decide what consumers should and should not know about our food?

    •  A lot of those links aren't scientific studies (0+ / 0-)

      And the couple that are don't say anything about the negative health effects of genetic modification.

      On a separate point, if you want chemical free products just buy organic.  The fact that a product is GM doesn't necessarily mean it has chemicals on it.  I don't think you understand this concept.

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