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  •  I have found some folks are impatient with me (4+ / 0-)
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    as it seems I obsess over nomenclature but when a Kossack calls for all magazine type guns to be banned, I have to ask the question if he means all magazines or only those with detachable external clips?  It makes a large difference in the discussion because there is a spectrum of opinion here which includes some who would immediately ban all guns of all description, even my Damascus twist wallhanger and some who advocate that the gun owner should be prosecuted for a felony should his gun be stolen or else prosecuted for the crime which his stolen weapon is used to commit.

    Quite a spectrum of opinion.  I probably don't change many mines here but I do encourage people on all sides of the debate to familiarize themselves with the terms and nomenclature associated with guns and also to be conversant with gun laws and penalties.  For example, i have argued with a person who was convinced dealers routinely give their FFL information to friends who are not eligible to own guns so their friends can illegally purchase guns.  I know of no FFL dealer willing to be so foolish as the ATF takes a  very dim view of violations of regulations.

    Thanks for this diary.  Maybe if we continue a dialogue, we can achieve a synthesis we can all live with
    (Disclaimer:  I own several various guns though I no longer hunt and have only fired one pistol five times in the past year)    

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