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    ER Doc, northsylvania

    Of course they'd take pictures! (I can't stop laughing...)

    The glider pilots must have been a hardy bunch. One WW-II glider was recently restored here, and they assembled a lot of articles about them. (Here in MN, tens of thousands were built for the war.) Much of the training was done in Texas, and apparently the pilots figured out they could thermal them, and some managed aerobatics (loops!) in them.

    The officers in charge, however, did not approve of such frivolity, and orders forbidding loops were soon posted.

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      ER Doc, Nebraskablue

      If you ever read the FARs, they're different in Alaska. The maximum gross weight of aircraft can be legally bumped by 10%, and the FARs themselves say so.

      I presume that's just so that they don't have to bust every pilot in Alaska, given what practices are. Still, if you're going to bust weights, low & cold is where and how to do it. Just makes me worry about the high places in Alaska... and they've got really high ones.

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