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    Here are some low-altitude shock waves, and plenty of prandtl-glauert singularities, but not much by way of rooster tails, even from an F-18 blue angel on a dozen feet or so above the water. :-(

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      The aircraft shown do not appear to be flying much faster than 200 or 250 kts and not quite as low as "Bob" described in his hangar tales.

      One of the passes looks like it's disturbing the water pretty substantially in spite of the restrained speed being used, tho there's little evidence of a rooster tail, giant or otherwise (keep in mind that "Bob" is an aviator for catssake)...

      Someone sent me a link a few years ago of a Navy fighter doing a supersonic flyby of a carrier out at sea, at about flight deck height above the water, and that vid is much more dramatic than these images...

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