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View Diary: Manning Gets Secret Hearing to Determine How Much of Trial for Disclosing Secrets Will Be Secret (67 comments)

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  •  That article is your typical Assange garbage (4+ / 0-)

    repeating all of the old conspiracy theories and debunked claims as fact, right from the very beginning where they portray British police enforcing a British supreme court order to surrender Assange for a legally valid (reaffirmed three times by the British court system) warrant for rape (probable cause against him for the charges having been affirmed by the Swedish police, the Swedish prosecutor's office, the Svea court of appeals, and the supreme court) as "A tiny tip of the vast subterranean network of governmental and intelligence agencies".  And it just gets worse from there.Just to pick a random example out of all of the trash: (I hardly have a time to go into all five pages), here's a debunking of the "FBI stole his suitcase and computer" claim.  Heck, he even repeats the nonsense that the "Kissinger cables" were some kind of leak, rather than just Assange downloading publicly available data that journalists and biographers have been using since 2006, setting it on his own website, and calling it a new leak.  And oh, god, his remarks on the case.... no, I have to stop myself.

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