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  •  So how do I do this? (0+ / 0-)

    You can tell me to load up on ram but how do I make that happen?

    •  Well, it depends on how you end up going. (0+ / 0-)

      If you end up having somebody send you a box, or do cough up a paypal account so folks can donate, you pop open the case (usually held closed with phillips screws) and look for the writing on the motherboard that tells you the manufacturer and model, such as 'Asus P2PD4' or somesuch, then we can look up which types of memory are compatible with that motherboard, and how many memory slots it has.  (If you're buying new, you can either buy it installed with more to start, or maybe just look for the memory compatibility in a manual if provided.)  Memory comes in a lot of different types, and has to be compatible with the board.  

      When it's time to add memory, or remove old memory to add newer ones, there are little toggle looking things at the ends of the memory sticks that you tilt back - they're shaped so that when you do so, they pry the memory stick up and away from the motherboard.  When you stick the new stick in, you just press down with enough force to get the toggles to click in place to hold it to the motherboard.  There will be a notch, offcenter, midway down the sticks so that you can't put them into a board backwards, they only fit one way.

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