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View Diary: Anti-Intellectualism Is Destroying Democracy In America (20 comments)

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  •  Can one ask what "democracy" is? The elements, (0+ / 0-)

    the behaviors, the institutions? Seems to me that it's like that other word, "freedom:" everybody uses it, has this sense that it means something important, it's a "gut" word that provokes a big old visceral reaction. Emphasize "visceral." Not a function of the higher brain, just a sentimental reaction, that is so easy for the Few to torque into that other kind of tribal response.

    We ain't got "democracy" in any of the senses I studied, from Cub Scouts to Mrs. Thompson's civics and history classes in middle school to all the rest of what I have learned is what "democracy" is sort of, like, what-everrr supposed to be all about. And to those who carry that other idiot cognitive dissonance around in their limbic systems, there ain't no way "the US" is "spreading democracy" anywhere else. Let alone around the US of A.

    Maybe one of the rest of us can offer a substantive definition of "democracy." One that fits the reality of Life in These United States...

    "Is that all there is?" Peggy Lee.

    by jm214 on Tue May 07, 2013 at 03:45:02 PM PDT

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