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View Diary: How much are you willing to pay for clothes that didn't kill anyone? (40 comments)

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    Is that cheap, what you pay now, more?  I think it is a steal if I find clothes as cheap as $20.  I only generally try to buy stuff on sale, and don't shop often.  But I also don't like to buy clothes that are apt to fall apart in 2 months.  Whenever I see stories like this, it always seems like doubling the cost at the beginning of the supply chain would be little more than noise on items that are generally regularly priced at $30-40.

    •  I'm not sure it works like that. (3+ / 0-)
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      Involuntary Exile, Odysseus, ciganka

      Even the moderately expensive retailers - like Bauers and Bean and Polo - are getting their stuff made at these same factories (whether it's Bangladesh or Nicaragua).

      I am happy to pay more for the actual workers to get paid a living wage, but I notice that clothes prices continue to climb significantly (other than at Walmart-type stores) while wages are submarining.

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