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View Diary: * New Day * — Tell Us About Your Worst/Best Neighbor. ATTN: Birders! When Do You Arrive at NN13? (251 comments)

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  •  Worst neighbor first (10+ / 0-)

    Moved into a second-floor apartment style condo right before my son was born.  Great location, near South Street, across from a playground, a few blocks from the supermarket, with a fire station on the same bloclk.  We got it at a very good prixe.

    Turns out the neighbor upstairs was a bit of a nut.  An attorney, although I don't know if he ever worked.  He used to leave notes with tiny works complaining about us, or the neighbor downstairs.  Seemed like he wore combat boots.  It was common for him to get home late, with a young hooker in tow.

    I asked about the noise, which was driving my wife batty, and he said something alone the lines of What do you expect?  He wore a toupee, which didn't hid the fact he was in his 60s.  When, after two years we couldn't take it any longer, he sued us about the common areas (the only common areas were the stairwell).  We got a lawyer who got him laughed out of court, and we made a decent profit, but still...

    My best neighbors were the ones I grew up with on Josephine Street in Sausalito.  Ben Chamberlain lived across the street.  He was a quiet, fairly large man with a scruffy beard and a lab he had named Sigmund Freud.  We were always welcome to drop it, and free to take Sig down the stairs to the small beach to play fetch.  (After Ben died, we adopted Sigmund, who lived with us for a good many more years before he passed).  

    Next door to him were the Tates, an older English couple.  Always good for scones; they didn't put their Christmas tree out until a month after.

     Flossie up the hill used to babysit us from time to time.  I looked forward to that, since she made a killer chicken and dumplings soup.  

    Mrs B lived down the stairs on the right.  She had a reputation for not liking children.  That may have been true, but she sure loved me.

      My brother's Mrs. B was Ms. Buchanan, who lived in an apartment next door.  She was a divorcee, and poured all her spare affections into my brother.

    Hildy Gallagher lived on Atwood Street up the hill.  Her children Phil and Hildred were close friends.  She was a rather large woman, who usually wore colorful muu-muus.  She believed in junk, like Hi-C and Twinkies, unlike our mother, and the Gallaghers had a TV.  I used to watch Have Gun Will Travel up there, and my brother, until my sister ratted him out, would sneak out at night to watch The Man From UNCLE.

    This website has a street view, which shows what a paradise it was.

    Happy birthday to Mary Lou Williams:

    Ancora Impara--Michelangelo

    by aravir on Wed May 08, 2013 at 09:32:57 AM PDT

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