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View Diary: The Siberian Arctic Was a Summer Resort Spot the Last Time CO2 Was Today's 400ppm (123 comments)

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  •  Barsoom? Gondor? Bali Hai? (9+ / 0-)

    No real place on the planet is truly safe. Some may be safer than others, but even there, our climate models are not good enough to say where they will be with any certainty.

    If you haven't yet, read Six Degrees. Five years old but still a good summary of where we're headed.

    •  Plus storms are going to be happening everywhere (7+ / 0-)

      As well as fires, floods, etc. There is no way to escape the planet's climate. If you're on the planet, you're going to be subject to climate risks.

    •  tx, sog, looked at link, v. interesting....... (3+ / 0-)
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      SuWho, FishOutofWater, jayden

      I understand what you mean, that no place is really safe... however there are better and worse places.... e.g. definitely not good= low lying places near the ocean, deforested places.... are what come to mind immediately.  If I lived in those areas now, I would be planning to 'get out of dodge' asap.

      I think that the only way we can face this disaster is to figure out what we can do in our personal and civic lives to survive.  I am asking re. the personal aspect.  Many talk re. learning survival crafts, sustainable/local farming, etc.  I would add use of solar power.  I think that this is the intelligent thing to do now: plan ahead and help the younger generation to plan ahead.

      An example of this is that I was discussing the marriage of a younger relative with a sibling and said that I thought that anyone getting married today needed to consider planning for a climate changing future.  And at basis this meant, perhaps having a place to live with enough room to have a veg garden or have access to property where one could garden, optimally have some solar back up power, and to plan any family with all these stressful environmental conditions in mind.  In other words, no longer can folks get married, have kids, put them through school and retire.  I know I sounded like the grinch but if I were young and getting married today, I hope that I would consider these factors and make my decisions in light of them.

      The Automatic Life is Done.  Gone.  

      But we need to focus on surviving and figure out how that can happen.

      We Must DISARM THE NRA The next life you save may be ONE OF YOUR OWN!

      by SeaTurtle on Sat May 11, 2013 at 07:20:52 AM PDT

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