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  •  my guess is also it's at least partly a rental (2+ / 0-)
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    neighborhood with turnouver.

    Mr. Ramsey is a dishwasher, so my guess/bet is that he rents doesn't own a home.

    So the person who sees the naked woman outside isn't there to see the next thing and report it and make a stink because there is a pattern. If there is neighborhood turnover less people are there long enough to experience that house as having a pattern of something wrong going on there.

    Mr. Ramsey said he'd been there only a year.

    My own neighborhood is like this. City, and mix of renters and older  homeowners. My building is rental and also younger people. I can't officially pinpoint why but they really do not care much about the house or the neighborhood. They won't pick up a piece of trash on the porch if I leave it there all day (test), they'll step over it. They seem to be the kind who don't think of their neighbors. I find it hard to believe that if some woman were screaming help they'd respond.

    Mr. Ramsey even if he rents does give a shit. Unlike some.

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