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View Diary: I Still Love Daily Kos, Even After You Ban Me :) (387 comments)

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  •  big deal with a new user on the site (13+ / 0-)

    they may be a little over the top

    or they might make a mistake

    sometimes they get jumped on with HR

    they don't even know what a HR is

    and before you know it, they are banned from the site

    a few times I have sent kosmail to explain how the site works and it has helped

    a couple of long time users and important ones at that never figured out how the HR works and they could have been run off the site which would have been a real loss

    good to see that this was resolved

    i have figured out for the most part how to say things here that are acceptable

    a couple of weeks back i got into the territory of personal attack, by accident, and got a kosmail warning me to watch out because they didn't want me to get banned

    no one noticed and everything was OK

    there was a while when it seemed that people were on the lookout for me

    these days my comments sail through and very seldom get a HR

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