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View Diary: Harry Reid is the worst senate majority leader ever (43 comments)

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  •  I find this hyperbole pathetic (2+ / 0-)
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    Now Harry Reid pisses me off in lots of ways.  He should have worked harder on climate legislation in obama's first two years, and he'a been annoyingly squishy on filibuster reform...

    But he managed to get every single Democratic Senator to vote for health reform.  All 60, including Ben Nelson and Joe Lieberman.  He then passed improvements to the law, in the form of increased subsidies along with education reform that cut out subsidies for student bank loans in favour of pell grants for the poor.  He also managed to pass a massive (albeit not big enough!) stimulus with a record investment in clean energy, with Republican votes.  He passed new financial regulations with a consumer financial protection bureau.  And then he repealed DADT during a lame duck.

    God willing, he may still be able to pass background checks, as well as historic immigration reform in this Congress.

    So when you call him the worst majority leader ever, I'd have to suggest that you're talking out of your backside!

    •  Your points are well stated (0+ / 0-)

      but a tad bit revisionist. It was exactly Reid's and Pelosi's mismanagement of the Affordable Care Act and the Stimulus Bill (in conjunction with President Obama's, it must be said) among many other legislative issues that led to the Republican's retaking of the house in 2010. All the Independents who had made the leap of faith for "change we can believe in" but instead got treated to the same old, corporate bought, business as usual congress with the Democrats in charge, went back to voting for Republicans while the Dem base stayed home.

      As someone who works for a state senator trying to implement ACA in our state, the healthcare reform bill that passed is mostly a gigantic mess that delivers little of its promises and almost no reform whatsoever. Its effectiveness was watered down by concessions to Democrats in order to get their votes (Nelson got a huge medicaid payoff for his state that he was later forced to reject in the face of public outrage) and to Republicans who never intended to give it their vote at all. The stimulus bill, minus its jobs and infrastructure components (compromises made by Obama, Reid and Pelosi to get Republican votes) ended up slowing our recovery and swelling public sector unemployment. Oh yeah, no Republican voted for that either.
      Go back and look at all the times Reid and Pelosi drew lines in the sand between 2008 and 2010. And then see how many times they caved and slunk away. Pelosi is certainly better than Reid, but I give her more leeway because she has a far bigger caucus to manage.

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