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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections SC-01 special election liveblog thread #3: Mark Sanford wins (235 comments)

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  •  I give up on the South (7+ / 0-)

    At least the majority-white parts of the South. This special election pitted a smart, savvy business leader with both local and national support against a moral degenerate who ran a half-baked campaign, and the moral degenerate won handily -- for no other reason than that the voters in this district hate President Obama and congressional Democrats.

    The South is lost. Districts like this are unwinnable. Without Rep. Barrow in GA-12, that district would be gone, just like the slew of Blue Dog districts that went red -- never to return -- in 2010 and earlier.

    I give up on the South and turn my hopeful eyes to the Northern and Western suburbs. Hopefully as the Republican Party becomes increasingly Southern, social moderates in Braintree, West Chester, Henderson, Orange, Kent, Wilsonville, Broomfield, and Mesa will come to realize that they don't belong anymore.

    Then again, I maintain we'd all be happier if the South amicably separated from the United States, so YMMV.

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