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View Diary: "You Picked Orange" Chapter 18 by SSK (7 comments)

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  •  Samantha's Reply (SSK, to y'all) (0+ / 0-)

    I love you, I love you all! I shall continue!! We shall overcome this chapter numbering mishegoss (oh, for WheninRome: "chas v'chalilah" is a Yiddish word, precisely on the line of "knock wood" but, being what with me being of the Red Sea Pedestrian persuasion, that particular reference to wood would be wood from which a dead Jew was nailed; ergo, I prefer the Yiddish version).

    Oddly, I have given actual tours on the actual Via de La Rosa, in the old city in  Jerusalem. Here's even more odd: BELOW the streets of the old city (or the Arab market as it's better known)? MORE Via de la Rosa. It's a frickin' rabbit warren below those lovely Jerusalem buildings.  (Small fact: One can only build in Jerusalem if the building is made entirely of Jerusalem stone, or cladded with it). I had quite a lot of friends in the Arab market, who often asked me into their homes for lunch and most of their homes are below the existing street, but a couple grand years ago, the homes below the street that is now topside, was topside, and the original Stations of the Cross was down there.

    These friends, btw, would, without the slightest hesitation, shoot me dead if another war broke out between the Semites and the Semites.

    And "mishegoss" is another Yiddish phrase, meaning "balagan". Which is Hebrew for mishegoss. Okay, I'll stop: both words mean "mess", mostly of a personal variety.

    Goddess help me with the numbering, tho. I really don't want you all to work harder than you need. To.


    •  Jerusalem does go down quite far (0+ / 0-)

      I wandered into an archeological dig in front of the west wall with my partner one night.  We got down a good four stories with more below before we were greeted by a guard with an uzi who insisted we come back to his guard hut and act friendly for a while.

      Anyway, I've commented before that I'll read whatever you write even when it's only a few lines of throat clearing!

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