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    Went to the National Holocaust Museum in DC. Figured a couple of hours, then a Smithsonian. Didn't have a watch, didn't look for a clock, but when we came out it was over 5 hours later. Never felt the time pass. It is a haunting, yet inspiring place. Walking through a rail car and touching a wall, then reading it was used to transport people, like any one of us, to death and/or brutality - and you'd just touched the wall!! or a barracks assembled with boards from a camp. Most amazing - From the third floor to the bottom you pass over a bridge and on either sides are photographs from all sorts of occasions, again on each floor. As you pass the last there's a writing that says the negatives were found in a studio in a small village in Poland, the photographer was a Jew, as were the subjects. Most, maybe all were rounded up and perished. Could go on and on, but it's a must see.

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