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View Diary: Gap faces pressure to be a leader for safety in Bangladesh (9 comments)

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  •  No they aren't if people die making their clothes (0+ / 0-)

    FUCK the GAP.

    •  Are you kidding me? (0+ / 0-)

      Gap's one of the more ethical companies in the corporate retail side in the clothing world.  If you want to bash a company, try Macy's.  Prior to the whole Bangladesh incident, I haven't heard a single bad thing about Gap except the fact that Don Fisher died a few years ago.  Of course, Gap has deal with controversies in the past but it's also been more quick to respond to the situation at hand than it is now.  That's why the situation in Bangladesh is very troubling to me.

      However, it may be a management problem.  I've met plenty of people who work at Gap I even met one of the companies' project managers at a general career development meeting last week and they're some of the most intelligent and articulate people I've met.

      NO ONE is protesting in front of Gap's headquarters or doing anything consistent like the Occupy people are continuing to do towards Wells Fargo, which won't listen no matter how many protests or controversy.  I live right across from San Francisco, where Gap's headquarters is and all I see are people going to work and folks jogging along the peer.  There needs to be more protesting activity in front of Gap's headquarters

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