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    Who was Clinton's worst critic over the Monica affair---wait for it----Mark Sanford! It's funny that he wasn't so in to being accepting of people's flaws then. He was part of the self-righteous band of Rethugs like Newt and Bob Livingston who were impeaching Bill Clinton while at the same time carrying on full-fledged affairs! I heard Chris Matthews say the other day that neither party has a lock on moral rectitude and I wanted to puke! Not only are there far more instances of Rethugs with rank hypocrisy over their moral failings but the whole point is that Dems don't promote themselves as the religious, family values party---that's the point! Rethugs say they are for family values but we find that they do all sorts of morally questionable things and then they make excuses for them, like Sanford, Vitter, and on and on. Oh yeah, Matthews also put Anthony Weiner in the same category as Sanford and Newt. Since when is showing a picture in your underwear equal to having a full on extramarital affair? If Weiner had not lied and tried to cover up, he'd still be in office. Sure he was a jerk to post the picture and wrong to carry-on with women online, but let's not compare it to hiking the Appalachian trail.

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