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  •  What he should have said (3+ / 0-)

    He is a moron and an idiot.  

    That being said, if he was talking about IQ tests (he wasn't), he would have been correct.

    Problem is IQ tests have a built in bias. You could take some of the smartest people in history. Give them a modern IQ test, and they wouldn't test as high as they should. I am sure some very smart people from a rural area in less developed nation wouldn't score well on an IQ test, but give them one designed and developed by someone with the same upbringing and cultural surroundings and they will score much better.

    However, there are far more important things in the world than being able to take a test. I am more interested in what an immigrant brings to us in the way of Ethics (work ethic and morals), perspective and drive to better themselves and society as a whole. Don't care who or what they worship, don't care if they test off of the chart either way on an IQ test. If given the opportunity, will/can they be function members of society.

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