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View Diary: Republican Outreach: The Heritage Foundation Steps in Eugenics Excrement (69 comments)

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  •  The brave new world of the individual (4+ / 0-)

    Many of the evils we associate with government, while still to be contended with, have shifted to the individual.  For example, now that everyone has a camera, surveillance has become ubiquitous, so much so that some states have laws prohibiting individuals from filming policemen.  Although we still have to worry about Big Brother watching us, government finds itself in fear of Little Brother watching back.

    In a similar sense, the danger of governments practicing eugenics is now dwarfed by individuals using genetic engineering to eliminate unwanted genes from the fertilized eggs before implanting them.  This industry will only grow in the future, as would-be parents, many of them quite liberal in their politics, pay private companies to help them produce a little baby Übermensch.

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