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View Diary: Republican Outreach: The Heritage Foundation Steps in Eugenics Excrement (69 comments)

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    They call themselves Golden Dawn, but they are most definitely Nazis.  Swastikas all over their website.  I discovered it when I was looking for a picture of Cornelius Codreanu, the leader of the Romanian Iron Guard/Legion of Archangel Michael, a dreadfully anti-Semitic group that specialized in assassinating opposition politicians on charges of corruption (of course all Romanian politicians were corrupt.  And Codreanu was at least as much an Orthodox religious devotee as he was a rightwing politician).  But anyway.  The Golden Dawn website has a picture of Codreanu: as an Orthodox Saint.  You could only be more blatant by canonizing Hitler.

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      The Golden Dawn party emblem actually resembles a swastika.  Their party members actually control the streets of parts of Greece, frequently violently attacking immigrants and leftists similar to tactics used by Hitler's SA street thugs.

      In the last Greek parliamentary election they actually took 7% of the vote and hold 18 seats.  In recent polling for the next Greek elections they're polling over 10%.  If Golden Dawn ever becoming the leading party it would be the end of democracy in Greece.

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      This is very sad. I cannot imagine how any group could conceivably believe, that scapegoating another will actually, permanently solve any major problems.

      One would think that Hitler's abject failure, and the fact that he is now universally hated would be enough to deter that sort of emulation.

      It goes to show how fundamentally self destructive this group is, down to the person.

      Austerity measures bring out the worst in people. Especially when it's big financial entities sucking the life's blood out of regular people.

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