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  •  I didn't mean to suggest that you don't (1+ / 0-)
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    understand the region.  I'm sure you do.  I've made the same point myself when people try to talk about New Orleans or Louisiana.  

    My point is simply that, from the outside, anyway, I don't see this election as some huge symbolic event.  I think a deeply flawed candidate in a heavily Republican district succeeded in making the election not about him, but about the fact that the other candidate was a Democrat whose most significant vote would be to try to make Rep. Pelosi Speaker and give the Democrats the majority in the House again.  

    The same kind of thing happened in La-02 in 2008, except that when he was the Democratic candidate, "Dollar bill" Jefferson was already indicted for bribery in office.  Still, Jefferson won in heavily Democratic Orleans Parish, and squeaky clean (you couldn't find a "cleaner" candidate - he studied to be a priest) Republican Joseph Cao squeaked into office only because of his margin of victory in those sections of Jefferson Parish that are in La - 02.  Yesterday, Sanford did a better job of nationalizing the election than did Jefferson in 2008; and Sanford wasn't under actual indictment for a federal crime related to his office.  Still, just as happened yesterday, the majority of Democrats in La - 02 voted for a deeply flawed candidate, Jefferson, simply because he was not the Republican.  

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