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View Diary: Heritage study co-author wrote paper on 'substantially lower' IQ of Hispanic, other immigrants (194 comments)

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  •  Interesting article - some amazing claims (0+ / 0-)
    Say you have unmotivated black kids living in the middle of the ghetto and white kids from Scarsdale or some other upper-class neighborhood. You give each kid who gets a successful answer one M&M -- just give them an M&M -- and you say for each point extra on the IQ test, each correct answer, I'll give you one more M&M. It turns out that the gap between the black and white student in the IQ test scores vanishes -- vanishes completely.
    Fascinating if true - and pretty easy to add to the testing protocol.  In fact, hard to see how this result has not been trumpeted the the skies.  Unless, of course, it has not been validated.

    Unfortunately, your link is to NPR and there is no cite for any study supporting this claim.

    Can you provide anything that can actually be traced back to the scientific literature?

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