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  •  as an aside, THIS is what really bums me out about (7+ / 0-)

    dying someday:

    "And yet certain elements--notably scientific curiosity and a sense of world drama--held me back. Much in the universe baffled me, yet I knew I could pry the answer out of books if I lived and studied longer. Geology, for example. Just how did these ancient sediments and stratifications get crystallized and upheaved into granite peaks? Geography--just what would Scott and Shackleton and Borchgrevink find in the great white Antarctic or their next expeditions...which I could--if I wished--live to see described?"
    It's not that I fear death---and even if I did it will come anyway. (shrug) We're ALL gonna go--it's just a matter of when and what gets us.

    But there are so many things I want to know first:  what is the quantum theory of gravity? What will finally remove the US from its global hegemony? When will humans reach Mars? What is the next world-changing technology?  

    It's like leaving in the middle of a movie--I wanna see how it all works out, dammit.  

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