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  •  It was cloudy with a high of 75 west of Atlanta. (3+ / 0-)

    I thought that I was done with this away-from-home project, but they gave 2-3 more day's worth of work this morning. I'm not complaining, at least not very much.

    The timberlands are a 30-40 mile drive through suburbia from my brother's house. The route is infested with about 50 traffic lights, which wait for me to approach before they turn red. I take solace in the knowledge that this is temporary. If I had a daily commute like that, I'd go absolutely bonkers. The wide open spaces are where I belong!

    As I've been reporting all along, these woodlands are a mix of relatively undisturbed land (albeit with a history of logging and farming) and badly degraded sites overrun with invasives. My favorite locations are the rolling hills with big pines and hardwoods, mostly open underneath but dotted with native plants.

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