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View Diary: MA-Sen: Suffolk University Poll Has Ed Markey (D) Leading Gabriel Gomez (R) By 17 Points (19 comments)

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    if you read my post. So we may disagree there.

    I haven't heard Gomez but if he's as you say I'm glad because I want him to loose for patriotic reasons to be blunt. (because in today's Senate there is no room for a moderate Republican..they are forced to vote with their party and their party is blocking governance of our country)

    Markey's not a live spark and sometimes that's been dissapointing.(I wonder if that is how introverts come across in public?). But I met him very briefly at an event and he was warm and being a good listener-came across fine. Caring, even.

    Funny I like Kerry. I worked on his campaign and saw him around a little bit. ANd I've seen him at "town hall"meetings. So that's overlayed with the boring national persona.

    Did you see his DNC speech last year? a good one. Markeys "acceptance" speech for winning the primary this year was also energetic.

    I think he's an introvert, that's the issue. I think  it may be that some introverts can't project who they are in large groups to the public very well.

    Being in the Senate is about relationships and getting things done in smaller groups. And he's done that expertly in the House. He'll be fine.

    He's a respectful person. I enjoyed hearing of your take on Gomez and will check him out with perverse pleasure. Sounds like he's an extrovert so can't hide from the general public his true nature.

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