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  •  You know, I'm not a big fan of these (2+ / 0-)
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    SheilaBlackadder, VClib

    "let's call them forced-birthers!" articles.  I'm very pro-choice, but I think there are good, honest people on the other side of the issue who earnestly believe that abortion is wrong and that they can't, in good conscience, do nothing about it.  To be sure, there are some real nutjobs out there (Rick Santorum, Todd Akin) who SHOULD be called out.  

    At the same time, I think we can find common ground with the pro-life movement, and we're not going to accomplish that by slinging around nasty names.  The last thing we need in this country (and in this debate in particular) is to lower the level of discourse and begin slinging around rude names.  I can't have a civil discussion with someone who insists on calling me a baby-killer or anti-life, and I wouldn't expect a good-faith pro-lifer to have a civil discussion with me when I call them pro-forced-birth or whatever.  

    [Just to add, I understand you're not advocating for that - you used the term "anti-abortion," which I think is much more reasonable]

    •  the term pro-life (5+ / 0-)

      carries a lot of weight with it and we are trying to get across that for many, it really does mean, simply, "anti-abortion". Someone that was truly "pro-life" would care about the fetus once it could talk and learn and play.

      I think this comes back to the live and let live argument - if you want to be "pro-life" and not have abortions, fine, but please don't let your religion dictate my life and my choices...and for those that feel compelled to and legislate on an anti-abortion platform, don't then turn a blind eye when that fetus you so desperately wanted to save comes into the world needing food stamps or federal assistance...

    •  Personally, I would rather (5+ / 0-)

      people just concerned themselves with things that only concern themselves. If it's not your body, your pregnancy or your uterus then you shouldn't get to dictate what happens to it. That's the part that they don't seem to get. When did what happens to our bodies become not within our power to decide?
      I understand what you are saying, but I'm not sure what compromise I would be willing to concede to.

      •  For me, it's about empathy. (6+ / 0-)

        I'm not a female, so I don't know what it's like to be pregnant. However, if I didn't want a child and got pregnant, would I want the fetus draining my life, mobility, and quality of life while I suffer for 9 months (especially near the end), and then have to go to the hospital and suffer through what is reportedly one of the most painful things humans can experience and create an unwanted child who will have to suffer in the already bloated foster care system?

        Hell no. I would not accept that.

        And sure, I get the non-religious or principled people who may believe a fetus is a child. The ones who are unsure, or leaning "pro-lifey" but not pyschotic about it. But at the end of the day, if people want an abortion, they are going to get it. There are responsible ways to reduce the needs of an abortion that we call can approach together. Just think about carrying around an unwanted child for nearly a year of your life, and try to have some consideration to that as well.

        But then there is the crazy fucked up Christian psychos. For them, their hatred of (non-obedient) women goes as far as (any) gay people. The peons kill and threaten doctors over this. The ones that people were stupid/crazy enough to give actual power are using laws to attack women.

        These religious freaks are a huge threat to our society, and frankly we need a better way to counter them at abortion clinics.  Doctors shouldn't have to wear bullet proof vests to go into work, they aren't Doc Wagon medics. Women shouldn't be attacked everytime they go to have an abotion.

        Suggestions try to reason with them are laughable. Religious zealots cannot be negotiated with. They can't even be taught a lesson. I'd like to see stiffer fines and jailtime for people who attack or harass people at clinics. It won't stop them, they'll never learn anything, but it'll slow them down a bit until they die of old age.

        I mean, Christianity's influence is waning slightly as the older generation continues to die out and the younger ones gain more influence. But the remaining old codgers (mostly male) are doing their best in our bodies of law and bellowing in the street waving horrid signs and harrassing women and doctors.

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