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    Troubadour, roycej

    When you were born, I was in the middle of a sabbatical from my ATC career. Although it ended reasonably well for me, thousands never got back.

    When you were born, we were only a little beyond the age where it was common for the yout' of the day to "never trust anyone over 30". And I had already passed that threshold seven years earlier.

    When you were born, I was living life pretty large (other than job-wise), which should be an indicator that the line you're crossing is more of a beginning than an end.

    When you were  born, I had no idea that when I got to where I am now I would have a wife that's 70. And I'm compelled to say she looks pretty good.

    So, it's no big deal, the best is ahead, follow the bunny's advice (in NonnyO's comment above), and birthdays represent accrued seniority, enough of which entitles you to write snarky birthday greetings to youngsters trolling for same just for graduating from their 20s.

    But have fun, anyway…

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