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View Diary: More GOOD News on the Job Front: 1st Time Unemployment Claims At Five-Year-Low (42 comments)

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  •  Thanks for the apology. (0+ / 0-)

    And I'll stand by my claim that the job situation has improved from the time Obama took office. Given that we've gone from losing 700K net jobs per month to gaining even the small amount we've been gaining monthly since 2011, that is clear enough evidence of improvement. I can't explain to you why that doesn't show up in the EMRATIO. I'm not an economist. But I'll need some pretty good convincing to believe that a shift from minus 700K/month to plus 150-175K per month doesn't represent some improvement.

    As for your remark about the 19th century, if you're rejecting Keynesian economics, as it seems you are, then I'll tell you that I've read enough to know you're wrong on that score.

    As for "eventually," eventually we're all dead, in the mean time plenty of people suffer from poor economic choices made by our government, or benefit from good ones.

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