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  •  Bloody brilliant. The kind of thing DKos got (1+ / 0-)
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    famous for, in the long ago. Excellent presentation.

    Thank you for doing the work. And one part of the work -- breakdown of new jobs -- that just last night I was trying to find, without success. Thanks for that.

    Okay, here's how it looks to me:
    The massive printing of money is available to bankers, and the bankers gamble with it.

    It's circulated in the Fake Economy and some drops might Trickle Upon the Real Economy. Overwhelmingly, no.

    We don't get stimulus from this printing; we lose in that the Untouchable Gambler Class drives up prices through speculation. As they don't want to invest in real things.

    The strategy behind the money printing rests on the Too Big To F/Jails being insolvent, were honest books done. Everything possible is being done to hide, and to relieve, that fact.

    The thinking goes:
    Money is the beating heart of Society and Nation; Banks are at the Heart of Money; therefore, Happy Banks = Happy Society.

    It's hard to tell with such reasoning if it's more blindingly stupid or more wildly lunatic. They don't exclude each other.

    Else, it can only be a conscious plan.

    Speaking of Globalization, we'll often hear Presidents and Congress, of both Parties, talk of "we must compete in the Global Marketplace."

    Right now, that means child and slave labor. And where it isn't, it would be close to it by the standards we became accustomed to after Labor had meaningful influence in policy. (But that's gone now.)

    Interesting, in this context, to ask "And what exactly do we call people who provide Services?"


    (btw, another number I couldn't find: the dollar income value of the jobs lost vs. the dollar income value of the new jobs.)

    You can only have wages go down in the US if there is sufficient unemployment to get people to work for less.

    In short, because the people in power completely buy into the Golden Calf theory of society; and enough of them get "gold" from the Financial/Corporate Complex to change laws so the unjust becomes legal, and to fail to enforce laws which punish injustice --

    -- because of this, and the "globalization" (read: drive wages down in Western democracies), there's no real agenda happening to change this around. Everybody in power knows what the structure is, and they like it. Except it's too restrictive to Big Money. Hence, things like the upcoming Trans-Pacific Partnership and European Trade Agreements.

    There will have to be a ubiquitous revolt. Sadly, we've not used the Internet wisely to this point, as demonstrated by how the class war finds us losing a little more ground with each passing day.

    Actual Democrats is the surest, quickest, route to More Democrats

    by Jim P on Thu May 09, 2013 at 09:13:37 PM PDT

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