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View Diary: The GOP's Benghazi investigation, aka the Stop Hillary 2016 campaign (115 comments)

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    sethtriggs, NYC Sophia

    When it first happened it was like Clinton was invisible.

    All the wingnuts were after Obama and I'm like "wouldn't the SOS be more in charge of something like this??"

    I mean it was destroy Susan Rice and Obama.

    It's so funny now it's all about Clinton.

    I mean where were they when 9/11 happened and Rice, head of national security rather than being FIRED was promoted to SOS????

    After 9/11 I was sort of amazed at the how dems handled it thinking that if the positions were reversed and Gore had been president the GOP would have gone for BLOOD, and probably succeeeded!

    However the whole Benghazi obsession looks bad on them.  It's part of their being bankrupt on ideas and instead trying to make the other candidate so damaged that people vote republican as the lesser of 2 evils.

    Think people are wise to that now after about 20 years of it.

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