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View Diary: Another Obama nominee obstructed, another threat from Harry Reid (166 comments)

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  •  Senate Dems may have run with the intention (0+ / 0-)

    of helping their constituents, but naturally they have their own ideas of what that looks like.  I think most of them think that this usually means hewing to some center-right or even more conservative position.  In other words, I think most of them think, or anyway have persuaded themselves, that center-right positions are what their constituents want.  I believe they also think that they have to mouth certain Democratic-party shibboleths in order to get elected as Democrats; that they often don't seriously believe in these things; that they think that "everyone knows" about this hypocrisy and expects it now; and that they think that excuses it.  

    I don't think they are actively seeking to advance the Republican strategy of obstructing absolutely everything.  I think some of them are actually too dumb to understand that that's the Republicans' game.  I think they go on a case-by-case basis, and let the Repubs' use of the filibuster destroy legislation they didn't really want themselves.  

    •  rlochow, I would love to know what specific (0+ / 0-)

      legislation you feel the Democrats wanted the Republicans to block.

      •  Filibuster reform, the subject of this diary, (0+ / 0-)

        would be a perfect example.  

        •  Well filibuster reform is not exactly Progressive (0+ / 0-)

          legislation, it is a procedure. And yes, without it we do face obstructionism, but I thought the accusation was that Democrats were using Republican blocking practices to block specific Progressive legislation.

          I just wanted to know which specific legislation the Democrats were for Republicans blocking, unless they wanted them to block everything.

      •  they just don't care (1+ / 0-)
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        not sure there was specific legislation that they wanted Republicans to block, but I am sure that they don't care enough about the things they supposedly believe in enough to, you know, actually stop the obstruction.  Which they could easily do, but they don't.
        So why should I believe that a majority of Senate Dems actually want to accomplish anything to the left of the tea party?  They haven't done anything but post whiney tweets.

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