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View Diary: Update on Florida teen arrested for doing science while Black (268 comments)

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    Continue to do this, please, despite the fact that terrypinder made a baseless accusation that racism was the motivation for this case.  The actual individual student involved here is not at fault for that accusation being made, and the actual petition, if you go and read it, says nothing about the racism angle.  It only talks about the relevant issues of bad science education, criminalizing curiosity, and the horrible mistake of having zero tolerance policies that punish kids for doing good, and how if this is allowed to go through it will ruin a promising student's future.

    But stop trying to defend zero tolerance, which is a horrible policy, just because someone made a baseless accusation.  

    Don't be simplistic enough to think "a person defending position X has used a bad argument when doing so, therefore position X must be wrong."  It's possible for someone to make a bad argument in service of a cause that's still a good cause for other reasons other than the ones used in the bad argument.

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