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    The slashing of news budgets, questionable prioritizing of stories, slanted editorializing and the hiring of - as you put it - "imbeciles" (Barbie dolls and obnoxious jerks who toe the corporate line) instead of quality investigative journalists are all "nefarious" tactics by corporate media manipulators who blatantly disregard truth and fact in pushing the corporate agenda.
    Television "news" is never my source of information for anything. I merely made an observation and wrote about it.
     The "mind-numbing fluff" is planned misdirection to take our attention away from what matters. It's part of the corporate battle for the minds of the masses. The other part is the editorials and selective stories that are loaded with disingenuous "faction" and emotional triggers that we are expected to swallow like so much kool-aid.

    Doing my part to break the Capitalist Indoctrination Process. Here's where I rant:

    by ashiftinconsciousness on Thu May 09, 2013 at 06:20:25 PM PDT

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