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  •  here's a shot. Set in a new 'verse I'm working on (5+ / 0-)

    (it is not, however, set in the future.)

    "You know, Froop, Freddie's right," said Shane.

    "I don't really give a fuck, Shane. And Freddie, you can suck me," said Froop.

    "You're about to be flagged, Froop," said Tabby from behind the bar but she was still grinning.

    "The newcomers here, they came from Earth, they expect nice things. And they can bring nice things too," said Freddie, doubling down on the argument.

    "Those newcomer faggots raped that little boy in Eulalia," growed Froop. "They're fuckin' up the colony. Fuck." He took a healthy swig.

    "I told you about that word before, Froop. One more time, and you're out, and I mean it. For a whole month." said Tabby.

    But Froop drained his glass, stood up from the barstool, waving his hand at Shane, Freddie and Tabby, and staggered out of the bar toward Kennedy Square. Out on the street he bumped into people headed out to the bars. At the square he pulled out his phone and dialed.

    "Barney, come get me. I'm drunk," he slurred. "And don't tell Dante!"

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