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  •  made from 68-74 or rarer early 50's even (2+ / 0-)
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    jwinIL14, shortfinals

    and pretty rare, unless she has some rarer model ..there was a twin carb version of the tr5 early in the 50's, it was a kit head the factory sold to some racers, very fewer of those kits and bikes.

    They weren't called Daytonas, but were also very cool,   the Daytona T100T were developed from their nice safe , semi reliable 350, whereas the 500 engine from the early 50's seperate non unit engine and transmission design and was later tweaked to be the 650 that became the Bonne.Triumph Tiger  T100

    The early 39- 50's 500 twins were really neat, there was a 'generator' version people can go crazy about as well, it was also highly developed for the ...the...tictictic...International 6 Day Trials...grrr, and is where the 'Trophy' name got in to the lineup, cause they won. Single carb there iirc.

    The generator engine used the alloy barrels from an airborn Triumph made generator set that was air dropped if I remember my britbike history here, haha, the exhausts went straight forward, very distinguished. And a special factory twin carb head and racing camshaft.

    Aha, the Triumph GP model! Now that is a rarity unlike the relatively easily found Daytona, and was the road racing version..well, read it here.

    During the war Triumph where bombed out and the move to Meriden was made, military twin production was undertaken with the 350cc model 3T they also had contracts for portable generator sets for aircraft use and for these square alloy barrels where made, as soon as the war stopped the privateers got hold of surplus barrels and fitted them to Tiger 100's, Triumph made them a close ratio box and a new cam was fitted to the inlet which together with larger valves improved their already impressive performance, the Triumph GP model was born.
    and also the even perhaps rarer 1953 T 100C:
    Even so the close ratio gearbox and light alloy mudguards where still listed extra's, the last fling came in 1953 with the one year only Tiger 100C. This was a Tiger 100 with the race kit already fitted although it retained silencers and not open megaphones, only 560 of the Tiger 100C's where made and then things changed.
     They had a very finely pitched finned barrels, distinctive...whereas the generator engined T100GP fin pitch was wide and slightly squared off as well.

    And of course you can buy reproductions that are engineered to very much higher standards than the originals for many of the popular 40s-60's brit bikes. New Vincents even, complete! Cwazy money, but...

    I had a non unit engine from 1959 TR6 converted to a twin carb that was used to win the calif road racing championship for sidecars..the last four stroke to win it for a long time too. It made a great street engine, crammed into a BSA frame and gear..a Tribsa! It was I just have the unit version.

    There was a Triumph GP languishing in a shed in Isla Vista in the early 60's, converted to be a chopper, with the square barrels and the forward exhausts. I hope it's that model she still has..I have all the Triumph books which are squirreled away pending moving.
    And moving my bike collection, to, tweekerville usa.


    This machine kills Fascists.

    by KenBee on Fri May 10, 2013 at 01:41:48 AM PDT

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