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  •  TPtK was the sequel to HoC (1+ / 0-)
    Recommended by:
    Nova Land

    It posited a very interesting (British) Constitutional dilemma for Francis and us, the audience. Basically, Elizabeth II dies and Charles takes over (no names, of course, but we all knew who it was, wink, wink). At the time the story ran, he was still married to Diana, so there's a very Diana-ish new queen in the story. Charles is horrified at the economic conditions of the poor, as Great Britain has, in good Conservative fashion, adopted austerity, with the consequences one might expect. Charles, being an enlightened fellow, decides to use the powers the Monarch supposedly still possesses and fix the problems. But, if he does, the whole British Parliamentary system comes crashing down at once, so Francis has to stop him.

    In many ways, it was the most interesting installment of the HoC trilogy - Francis meets a well-deserved demise in the third story, The Final Cut. Ian Richardson demanded an end worthy of his Richard III, and he got one.

    Great, great stuff,


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