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View Diary: "U.S. Warns Industry of Heightened Risk of Cyberattack" (AGAIN) (31 comments)

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    information security is a complicate subject.  i think by taking a ridiculously world-is-black-and-white quote from a nazi official is the best way to tar people who are concerned with cyber attacks.

    it is particularly ironic given the investigation the NYT did after they were attacked by the chinese military's "comment crew."  Mandiant did the necessary forensic research and even has recorded video of Comment Crew performing cyber attacks, or hacking if you prefer that term.

    A link from Ars Technica describing the background and Mandiant's report.  Mandiant has also released the report, the link of which can be found in the Ars Technica article.

    the irony of the qoute you selected being about fear mongering and denunciation is that you are engaging in both over this issue.

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