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  •  How will we approach 2016 GOTV? (3+ / 0-)
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    blueyedace2, Brian82, blueoasis

    Will be willing to fight the conservative and corporatist factions in our party like we did in 2007/8? Which ended up being Obama/Dean vs Hillary/Rahm (LOL how we were so so so so duped)
    Will we endorse and organize around a candidate that shares our values, and has a proven track record of courage and liberal values?

    Would we DARE to stand up and draft Senator Warren or Governor Schweitzer.
    [The fact that conversation isn't in the DC memes is our fault]
    Or we all going to bow our heads and back Hillary who still hasn’t apologized for Iraq, and has NO qualms with Obama’s policies at any level.  
    Why should she, she is BFF with Pete Peterson.  See how she had nothing bad to say about CPI or the SEC chairwomen?

    After seeing Sebelius (Obama’s pick over Dean?!?!)  do her bosses bidding by siding with the far religious right to deny women health care at every level is one of many last straws.
    CPI, SEC chairmen, BUSH’S DEA chief……..   Remember CardCheck!
    Folks we are LOSING, if we want Daily Kos name to “bang on the streets” as we say in Baltimore, we got to punch back against this Trojan Horse of an administration.
    Remember when Obama told us, Moveon and other groups after he beat Hillary to stop fundraising and advertising on his behalf.

    So please, as a political activist group that has affected elections in the past, are we going to stand up for what we beleive in?

    And if you haven't caught my drift yet, Warren is our only hope for 2016, put O'Malley as her running mate.  Please lets not repeat 2004

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