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View Diary: If this is the best Rove can do on Hillary and Benghazi, he should stick to math (85 comments)

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    Where they compare the strongly approve for President Obama with the strongly disapprove. It really is a measure of how much the right wing media has whipped up Obama hatred among conservatives. Always in the negative, even if Obama's total approval goes above 50%. And they didn't have that measurement with Bush. If they did a poll measuring how scandalous Benghazi is comparing Major scandal" with "not at all a scandal", it would probably be 45% in favor of it being a major scandal. This thing resonates strongly with conservatives while the rest of the country looks at is only a tragic, unfortunate incident. So it just means that conservative friends and family will have to be avoided like the La Rouche tables in front of the post office for many years to come.

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