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View Diary: Army warns sequester could weaken fight against sexual assault (32 comments)

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  •  Think ya'll r talking bout 2 different things. (1+ / 0-)
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    Square Knot

    Most gov, even defense, agencies are run pretty tight.  Most management actually repsects that its not their money and their budgets are justified by what they do with it, so better not waste it.  And, like any good manager, I am sure most have been improving efficiency as spending has tightened since Thugs decided to punish America for electing (and re-electing!) 'That Kenyan'.

    OTOH, there is a lot of unnecessary spending in defense.  Problem is its in areas the 5% across-the-board sequester cuts don't reach, and Congress actually often directly interfered to mandate continued wasteful spending.  Like not allowing BARC savings, mandating we keep C5As and other obsolete craft sitting on runways in various Congressional Districts, that we keep buying stuff the Pentagon doesn't want and won't really be able to use, etc.

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