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View Diary: Yes, Virginia, You Can Sue the U.S. Gov’t Into Submission (5 comments)

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  •  "Further reduction" (0+ / 0-)

    To accept your premise, it's the “further reduction”:

    The appeals court called for Skilling’s sentence to be reduced to somewhere between 15.6 years to 19.5 years. Prosecutors agreed to a further reduction as part of their efforts to distribute the $40 million in restitution and resolve a case that’s been investigated and prosecuted for more than 10 years.
    Note the “resolve a case” part. They are giving more reduction in sentencing in order to get him to drop his counter-cases and otherwise stop lawyering back at them.

    The other part of the outrage is connected to the appeals court ruling, which obviously can be disagreed with.

    It is further infused with outrage because of the relative sentences for screwing millions of people with careful planning and premeditation vs. other crimes. The original sentence was already lenient, so any reduction, yeah, not welcome. This is akin to the “other people should be in jail”, but more “We punish poor people’s crimes more severely than rich people’s."

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