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  •  Yikes, our copay for the ER is 15o dollars and due (1+ / 0-)
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    before we  can leave the ER or so they make it seem that way.   At least our tests, xrays, blood work, are billed. But it makes us scared to go to an ER. That may be why our doctor visits have a copay of just 30 dollars and specialists 35..they want us not to go to the ER unless it unless we are dying or in danger of dying. We are told to call the doctor on call for any urgent care or email.

    Interestingly our doctor and insurance are both Geisiinger and they do well with email and we have our own medical page where tests results are posted and messages and prescription requests and more. We get appts fast if we email rather than call and they now have cyber appointments where we can meet with a doctor online..that is strange.  

    But our insurance basically will not cover an ER visit unless it is can be shown by the attending doctor that if we did nto go to the ER , we would be way worse off before the doctors office opened the following day. They tend to cover weekend ER visits for that reason, I guess.  

    But it is not guaranteed that a lot of ER visits are even covered by insurance anymore as friends of mine are finding out..often it must be life threatening or broken bone or a lot of bleeding or such severe pain that a doctor calling in a pain pill will not help the pain.

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    by wishingwell on Fri May 10, 2013 at 09:25:19 PM PDT

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