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View Diary: Sweden, Russia, Nato, and the Military-Industrial Complex Show? (6 comments)

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  •  If US was a small country next to Russia, it (0+ / 0-)

    would be a lot more sensitive to Russian planes very close to its airspace. I don't doubt that these were just exercises but it is provocative to hold exercises very close to the territory of another country.

    •  Are We Talking 'Exercises' or 'Theatre'??? (0+ / 0-) the air exercises were announced by Russia ten days before they occurred, does it not seem a bit remarkable that they were "revealed" by Sweden's military, according to 22 April's media reports???  As for exercises 'very close' to another country (and the Russian bombers were 30-40 kilometers from Swedish airspace), I won't cite US/Korean exercises, nor annual Nato War Games (Cold Response) in Northern Sweden.  But, I will say that Sweden's foreign minister, Carl Bildt, didn't have a problem with what occurred, and the opposition Green MP I quoted did say, “It is ordinary training for the Russian side…all was correct”.  

      In my opinion, the media blitz of 22 April represented a truly exceptional 'game' for the 'military-industrial media complex'.  I'll add that the fact that the Swedish military reportedly contacted SvD with their 'revelation' is particularly troubling for me.

      To my eyes, 'all this' represents a level of 'political theatre' not seen in the West for decades.  And, I am concerned about the possible precedent this sets.

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