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  •  We've only had one interaction that I recall... (6+ / 0-)

    I sat with you on the front porch during the Black Kos boycott - I didn't want you to be lonely. I spent this afternoon thinking about how that lonely person turned into a vengeful person, so I started to read some of your recent comments. It definitely seems to have been building up over the last few months - slights - real or perceived - took their toll, perhaps magnified or egged on by facebook friends...until someone had the idea of the ultimate diss - a Dkos group to slander one of your biggest offenders. It was not a good idea and made you and your group look worse than who you were trying to diss. One telling comment from the many comments that were flung back and forth yesterday was by one of your group's members

    "I hope that folks here who are more critical of the POTUS than I or maybe Oke are inclined to be, don't think of us as enemies. "

    What stood out to me from that comment was the word "enemies". Why would any of us consider anyone of us an enemy? We're just folks on an internet blog - we aren't in the army and this isn't Afghanistan. If someone has a pov that you despise (to the point of not being able to debate them with facts) then ignore them. I'll admit that I don't find the Pootie diaries at all entertaining - and you know what I do? I ignore them. That's it. They don't raise my BP, they don't cause me to act like I'm in middle school, I simply go about my life as if they don't exist. It's easy. Give it a try and I think you'll be a much happier person.

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