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View Diary: Underground Landfill Fire Burning 1,200 Feet from 8,700 Tons of Nuclear Waste (98 comments)

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    Hanford is from the weapons program, and it's a huge problem. But it is not related to the waste from modern nuclear power generation.

    And if 1000 years was truly the safety metric, this conversation wouldn't even be necessary. There are lots of sites that could be qualified for 1000 years. But this isn't good enough for anti-nuclear activists who would apparently rather have the waste stored far less safely.

    Why? I truly believe because they realize that once a site/mechanism for storing waste safely is realized, they will lose their strongest argument for shutting down nuclear power altogether.

    Also, we can't stop 'digging that hole' unless we replace they lost power generation. Right now, this means more fossil fuels, more damage to our health and environment, and even more CO2 released.

    That's a much deeper hole you are suggesting.

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