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  •  I think this diary's criticism is unwarranted. (1+ / 0-)
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    I don't think anyone would really argue with you that education has intrinsic value - if absolutely nothing else, it's the primary way that young adults become socialized in this country.  

    At the same time, it's an undeniable reality that most kids these days are taking out substantial loans in order to be able to afford college.  These kids need to make the decision to go to college/to take out loans with eyes wide open.  Too many kids took out $160k in loans, thinking they could get a job in art/graphic design/tourism/whatever, and they can't.  Frankly, we need more studies/articles like this, not fewer.  I think shutting down the conversation about the price of education vs. financial payoff is really damaging.  

    If someone wants to take out huge loans for an art degree with minimal job prospects, they should make that decision with all the facts on the table.  If they still think the intrinsic value of their education is worth it, great.  But they shouldn't be tricked into doing something financially foolish because they didn't have the information necessary to make an informed decision.  

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